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Night Driver (v1.2)

for TRS-80 Model I, III, or 4

A fast-action arcade style game

Night Driver is a fast-action arcade style game for the TRS-80 Model I, III, or 4

The road stretches before you like a black ribbon. You are relieved that the sun's angry face has given way to the welcome darkness. Tonight's mission is simple: Prove that you have what it takes to drive with speed and accuracy.

Features include:
  • 100% assembly language for fast-action and high-speed graphics
  • Sound effects
  • Runs on real or emulated hardware (trs80gp recommended)
  • Joystick support (NEWKEY/80 recommended)
  • Winner - 2021 TRS8BIT programming competition (link to pdf)
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Download for Model I
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Download for Model III
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Download for Model 4
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Download .cmd file for emulator
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