NEWKEY/80 Keyboard & Joystick Adapter
for TRS80 Model 3/4

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Limited "All American" Edition (Red/White/Blue)

(PS/2 and USB Keyboard Ports* + Atari Joystick Port*)
Only $65 +s/h
(Includes NEWKEY/80 DUO-JOY, case, deluxe ribbon cable, power connectors, and installation guide)

* The active keyboard port (PS/2 or USB) is based on the currently loaded firmware (downloads below).
* Joystick simulates arrow keys and space bar (used by most games).
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New boards expected to be available on or about 11/15/2020. Please use the Contact Page to be added to the waiting list...

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: This payment button is for USA shipping only. If you live outside of the USA please contact me for an invoice with appropriate shipping rates for your country.

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NOTE: International shipping for NEWKEY/80 is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 related delays.

Why NEWKEY/80?
  • Replace your broken or poorly functioning TRS-80 keyboard
  • More familiar PC keyboard layout
  • Use your favorite USB or PS/2 keyboard on your TRS-80
  • Play games using an Atari Joystick!

  • USB and PS/2 keyboard interfaces (active port based on currently loaded firmware)
  • Atari 9-pin Joystick port
  • Compatible with TRS80 Model 3 and Model 4 (Model 4P not currently supported)
  • Can work simultaneously with existing keyboard, if desired (when using the included deluxe ribbon cable)
  • Compact size. Mounts inside TRS80 case
  • Compatible with most standard PC keyboards
  • Works with wireless 2.4Ghz USB keyboards
  • Fast and accurate key response
  • Native TRS-80 key repeat
  • Handles special keys independently (arrows, space, control, break, shift, @) for excellent compatibility
  • Works great with games and applications
  • Supports TRS80 Control key sequences (Shift+Down for control code input)
  • Easily upgradable firmware to allow for enhancements and bug fixes

  • NEWKEY/80 mounts inside the TRS80 case. This is a fairly easy process but does require +5v and ground connections. Recommend method is to tap in to existing TRS80 power supply. A 4-pin Molex Disk Drive power Y-adapter cable and a plain 2-wire power connector are included.
  • The NEWKEY/80 keyboard port is located on the adapter and is therefore located inside the TRS80 case.
  • A common keyboard extension cable (PS/2 or USB, not included) can be used to route the keyboard connector outside of the TRS80 case.
  • A common 9-pin serial or Atari joystick extension cable (not included) can be used in a similar fashion to route the joystick connector outside of the TRS80 case.
  • Wireless keyboards need to be the "no drivers required" type

NEWKEY/80 Installation & User Guide v1.9

NEWKEY/80 (PS/2) Firmware v1.3 (change log)
NEWKEY/80 (USB) Firmware v1.4 (change log)

NEWKEY/80 (USB) GERMAN Firmware v1.42G (German M4 USB Keyboard support)

XLoader - Arduino Firmware Update Tool for PC (download) (homepage)
HexUploader - Arduino Firmware Update Tool for Mac (download) (homepage)

Suggested Keyboard

I believe that I have found the perfect keyboard for use with NEWKEY/80. It's the Wireless USB Jelly Comb KS037 ($36 on amazon). It fits perfectly in the Model 3/4 case (once the old keyboard is unscrewed and removed).

Amazon link:
Wireless USB Jelly Comb KS037

I've also designed a small 3D-printed center post that provides a little more support and keeps the keyboard centered. Use by hot-gluing a small metal washer on the underside of the USB keyboard and place the 3D printed support post over the top of the existing TRS-80 keyboard support post.

This is my recommendation if you wish to replace your existing Model 3/4 keyboard.

Please note that NEWKEY/80 also supports using both the old and new keyboard at the same time if you do not wish to remove the old keyboard.

3D file for the keyboard support post is available on Thingiverse

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